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Entertainment Weekly


I found this on the Entertainment Weekly site. It's a review of ER and the new drama, Third Watch.


Medic Alert! 
By Bruce Fretts

...The only benefit of ER's cramped conditions is that Kellie Martin's eager beaver, Lucy Knight, has also received minimal screen time. Unfortunately, that's not the case with a more bothersome med student, the self-proclaimed "Dr. Dave" (Erik Palladino), an obnoxious jerk who referred to one comatose patient as a "veggie burger." This gonzo hotshot proudly rides his bike without a helmet--is it too much to ask for a career-ending crack-up?...

(This refers to Third Watch)...Equally impressive are Molly Price--the rare actress playing a police officer who looks like she could actually manhandle a suspect--and her gung-ho partner Jason Wiles, who makes arrogance appealing in ways ER's "Dr. Dave" can only dream of...


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