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VH1 Original Movie

Erik will be in a VH1 Movie called Strange Frequencies airing Jan. 24, 2001.

Finder's Fee - Erik's New Movie

"Malucci, we hardly knew ye? Fans were thrown into a tizzy this week when the Toronto Globe and Mail posted a (mostly critical) review of ER's season which claimed that Erik Palladino is said to be the next actor leaving the show. No source was offered for this information. However, Erik will have the lead role in a new indie film, Finders Fee, alongside James Earl Jones and Matthew Lillard, which is a thriller about a man who finds a wallet that contains a winning lottery ticket worth $6 million."

The movie is being filmed in Vancouver, Canada.

from ER Daily (Thanks Artemis)


Found this interesting gossip bit. It's from a column written by Elaine Liner - the Caller-Times media critic. She was attending a bunch of network schmooze parties during the mid-season sweeps. This is what she writes about the FOX party.


Best interview I got was with the VIP room waitress, the lovely Kimberly, who gossiped aplenty about frequent Sunset Roomies Michael Jordan ("great guy who never sits down"), the casts of "ER" (big partyers, said Kimberly) and "Friends" ("good tippers"), and Brad Pitt sometimes accompanies galpal Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez ("horrible tipper and always so rude"). Yeow. Kimberly's old boyfriend is actor Erik Palladino who now plays "Dr. Dave" on "ER." Out here, it's all about who you know . . . or used to know. 

DiResta Cast Replacement

Erik left DiResta to film U-571. He was replaced by Karle Warren to carry on the role of Tully. On Season 1, Episode 11 entitled One Wedding and A Funeral, Tully is to be married to his girlfriend Amanda on the show. Found an excerpt from the script on that:


"That sounds great, Kate, but I hate to impose." -Tully
"What do you call living here for the last six years?" -DiResta
"Freeloading. There's a big difference." -Tully

British Elle Magazine

A tidbit alert from a great fan who wishes to remain anonymous:

Erik and Goran Visnjic are both featured in an article in the British version of ELLE magazine in June 2000. Erik is reported to be sporting a sleeveless shirt and leather pants. And the interesting part: Erik's girlfriend is a British actress named Sarah-Jane Potts.

The excerpt of the article is here.

Erik Spotting

Someone posted an entry at E! Online to say that they spotted Erik and Jack Noseworthy at the April 21, 9:50 p.m. showing of U-571 at the Beverly Connection. The person said that he / she thinks they came separately as Jack was with friends and Erik was with a bunch of people.

E! Behind-the-Scenes of U-571 Special

I saw that behind the scenes special. To my surprise there was a hella of alot of Erik. He was really funny and at one point he was talking over as the interviewer and started making jokes (calling the movie an independent film and that there wasn't any mustard for his ham and cheese sandwich.)  They showed him and a bunch of guys singing a Bon Jovi song.  He talked about sub school and how nobody wanted to march, they were enjoying a smoke and cappuccinos.  He also shared the fact that he and three other actors pooled their money together to rent a penthouse apartment in an old historical building in Rome.  They threw a party for all the actors and about 5 to 600 people showed up.  He started joking about how the landlady came and went nuts (he started doing an Italian accent "Oh my God, what happened to my apartment." They showed a lot of clips of him and shorts shots, a lot of interview portions too.  He seemed to always be joking and getting along with all the guys.  He's pretty funny actually.

Thanks to Deb for the post!

U-571 Stuff

Commentary, movie-related video cliips, etc. can be found here

U-571 officially opened in North America on April 21, 2000. The film recounts the Battle of the Atlantic where Americans tried to capture the German encryption machine, Enigma. Released by Universal Pictures, the movie stars Matthew McConaughy, Bill Paxton, Jon Bon Jovi, Harvey Kietel, Jake Weber and of course, Erik.


Erik on TV

Erik has made appearances on several TV shows. Here are the ones I am aware of:

-Later (NBC Talk show) - originally aired Dec. 2, 1999; repeated Jan. 20, I believe?

-Rosie O'Donnell - originally aired Feb. 25, 2000 as part of the ER Backstage Pass

-Martin Short Show - originally aired March 15, 2000 (if not, it was a Wed. in March for sure!)

-Access Hollywood - not sure which day it originally aired, though it was the week of April 17, 2000. Erik was giving a tour of the set of his film, U-571. (If anyone saw this and has more info, let me know!)

-E! Behind-the-scenes - a BTS look at U-571. Originally aired April 25, 2000.

-Live with Regis and Kathie Lee - originally aired June 23, 2000.

-Rock Across America - originally aired August 16, 2000.

Erik at Awards Shows

Erik has appeared with the ER cast in several awards shows. These are the ones I know that he has attended:

-People's Choice Awards

-TV Guide Awards

-Screen Actors Guild Awards

If anyone know of any others, let me know!

Erik on Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie did a backstage pass for the set of ER on Feb. 25. It featured her touring the set of ER, talking to everyone in the cast (except for Maura Tierney) and hanging out in Julianna Marguiles', Laura Innis' and Ming-Na's trailers.

Erik was featured in three short scenes:

-Rosie was asking the cast how they think Carol will be written out. Erik said he didn't know, and that the producers don't tell them anything. Rosie asked how he would like her to leave and Erik said that he would like to see Carol  leave with Doug (he actually said with Clooney).

-at the closing, Rosie asked Anthony Edwards for some scoops and Tony jokingly said that "Erik Palladino's character is really a woman." Two scenes of Dave from All in the Family were shown. Rosie comments to Tony that it would be like The Crying Game. It cuts to a scene of Rosie and Erik and Erik says to the camera: "Hi, how you doing?"

[I wish she talked to Erik more like she did with the other cast members!!]

Erik on CNN

CNN did a short spot on ER on Wed., Jan. 12 (or around that date). Although I didn't catch it, thanks to Katie for kindly letting me know this little detail that was mentioned about Erik. 


In 1998, Erik did a Japanese Coke commercial.

 (Katie wasn't sure if it was aired in Japan or if it was filmed in Japan. If anyone knows more, please let me know!)  

Erik on NBC's Later

Erik Palladino was interviewed on NBC's show Later on Dec. 2nd.  P.D. Fitzgerald was very kind to let me use his post made at DejaNews which nicely summarizes the interview.

(I didn't catch it since I didn't know about it until Dec. 4 and didn't realize that there was a show called Later and that it did indeed air in Canada and you can now imagine that I am kicking myself for this - if anyone taped it, please let me know!)


Erik Palladino, a.k.a. the controversial Dr. Dave, was the guest on NBC's "Later" last night and was interviewed by one of that show's revolving-door hosts, Lynne Koplitz. Two clips from the Last Rites episode were shown, Dave's now-famous first meeting with "Dr. Pete" and the "Don't even START with ME, Dr. Malucci" scene with Weaver and Carter. Also shown were clips from some of his sitcom roles, including Murphy Brown, and two recent indie films (ed. Road Kill and probably This Space Between Us);  he and the host talked about something big-budget he's in, an upcoming WWII submarine movie named U-571. Interestingly, none of his other characters in the clips seemed to be much like Dr. Dave, or like each other.

No advance info on ER. He talked about how people write and come up to him on the street and give him a hard time about being cocky, especially for referring to a patient as a "veggie burger," and he emphasized that he doesn't write it; he just plays Dave the way ER wants him. He said the Dr. Dave casting process dragged on for three months, and he was sure he wouldn't get it because the character was originally "Dave Norquist", but he won out over four other finalists and they just went Italian with it. He mentioned that Goran Visnjic responds to charges that he's "the new Clooney" by stiffly pointing out that George Clooney doesn't have an accent. 

The host also couldn't help bringing up the fact that Julianna Margulies turned down $27 million, and Palladino commented that he wouldn't want to call his father on the phone and tell him he'd turned down that amount of money.  

Palladino also alluded to a four-year contract. 

Palladino was pleasant and funny but seemingly a little nervous, obviously not an old hand at the fine art of setting up the clips. ER is his first dramatic TV role (all sitcoms before this), and he talked about going from "the lowest-rated sitcom in the history of television" (Diresta, on UPN) last season to the highest-rated show this season, how this is quite an accomplishment for "a kid from Yonkers."

(Ed. other things that were discussed at the interview included Palladino being fired as host of the "The Goods" on MTV because he kept making negative comments about MTV itself. Palladino was also in a band with his brother Chris and a picture of him was shown with long hair.)


Dr. Dave Stays

  Dr. Dave's permanent stay on ER was announced on E! online in their News in Brief on October 12, 1999:


A New Resident: Can't Hardly Wait's Erik Palladino to join the cast of NBC's award-winning hospital drama ER.

ER Casting Call

This was posted on a discussion forum on Alt.TV.ER by someone on July 13, 1999. The description came from Breakdown Services. It's a character description of Dr. Dave - whose last name apparently was supposed to be Norquist - but is now Malucci (I personally like Malucci better).  It's pretty accurate - right down to the the Grenada med school thing. I wonder who else auditioned for the role, but I'm really happy that Erik got the part.

"ER" - 1 hour episodic / NBC 

Start Date: 7/26 

Location: Los Angeles 

Dr. Dave Norquist - Male 25-30. A brash but charming, seemingly street-wise, new regular resident. He is full of self-promotion, but apparently has the goods to back it up, even with an extremely lackluster academic history (medical school in Grenada). Despite having the appearance of a wise ass and a
daredevil, he is both a very good and a very dedicated doctor who truly enjoys his work and his life.
Looks like Erik is portraying the description to the T. Guess we'll see Dave outside the hospital in upcoming episodes to show that he does indeed "enjoy life" (and that there is life outside the ER).


Journal Entry


I found this "dailies" entry from the This Space Between Us site. Two other actors, along with Erik, wrote a short entry about their activities during filming:


31 May 1998 -- Erik Palladino - "Jesse" (Actor)

I am at the Gold Dust Lounge it is 8 o'clock in the morning and we have just finished a long night of shooting. Now I will drink. Soon I will be drunk and eventually I will sleep. Thank you, goodnight.