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Happy Birthday Erik!

Erik's birthday was May 10. Thanks for wishing Erik a Happy 32nd Birthday!

Name: Vanessa
From: Canada
Message: Happy Birthday to the sexxxiest guy on ER!

Name: Erica
From: Ireland
Message: Hope you had a good one. Lots of Love, Erica

Name: Alyssa
From: Southern Cali, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik. I love you in ER, and have seen U-571 twice and think it terrific. I think you are a great actor, and hope to see you in more things. Good Luck!

Name: Meredith
From: Pittsburgh, USA
Message: Hey Erik! Happy belated birthday! I hope all is well. If you're ever on the net, make a stop at the first club devoted to you! Erik Palladino Central. Congrats! ~Meredith~

Name: Pumpkin
From: City Island, New York, USA
Message: HHHAAAPPPPYYYY BBBIIIIRRRRRTTTHHHHDAYYYY!!!!!!!! It's been a long time since I've seen you around. Where was it? Could have it been in bc stones? Every where I look your picture seems to be nowadays. Good luck & lots of happiness. Love ya, pumpkin

Name: Cheri
From: Oregon, USA
Message: Hey Erik! I just would like to say Happy Birthday, and hope that you are doing fine, your an awesome actor and I love your personality! Good luck with ER and future stuff. Also U-571 was awesome, "bunch of marys" part was the best! And take your shirt off more in ER. :o) Again, Happy Birthday!

Name: Jenny
From: Brighton, England
Message: Happy birthday! ER has been so much better since you arrived...the void of George Clooney has been easily filled!

Name: Danielle
From: Canada
Message: Happy Birthday Erik. I love you, you are my favorite actor ever. Tell the crew of ER to be nicer to you such as Elisabeth (I don't know what her name is in the show) but it made me so mad, I was like ahhh I feel so bad for him, and you got so in to your role you looked so upset I just wanted to cry but my sister through a pillow at me when she saw my eyes water. Well BYE.

Name: Gwen
From: UK
Message: Since your birthday was yesterday (and today is therefore Thursday, May 11th), all I can say is that I hope you had a great birthday and that you enjoyed your day. Bye, Gwen.

Name: Megg
From: Tx, USA
Message: You are so Hot and sexy! Now I have to watch every ER episode! I saw U571 and you were great except it was really sad when your character died! Have a happy birthday! Love always, MEGG!!!!

Name: Bink
From: Pittsburgh, PA, USA
Message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIK! Continued luck in whatever you do. :)

Name: Amanda
From: Maryland, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik!!! I love you soooo much!! I watch ER all the time and I think you are sooooo awesome!! You're one of the cutest guys I have ever seen! Love you always. ~Amanda

Name: Jessie 
From: Yonkers, NY, USA
Message: I'd just like to wish Erik a very happy birthday. Happy birthday from Jessie in Yonkers!  Don't worry, you're not over the hill yet! Just kidding :) Happy b-day!

Name: Daine
From: NJ, USA
Message: Hello, and have a wonderful birthday. Best wishes for the future. I'm addicted to ER now...and it's all you fault :) U-571 was excellent, I hope to see more of your work!

Name: Jillian Bladow
From: Mazomanie, Wisconsin, USA
Message: Erik, I hope you have a great birthday. You have a lot of fans up here. I just saw U-571 and you were great! P.S. Erik, I know you're gonna make it big. I Love you on ER and on U-571(I agree, you should take your shirt off more)

Name: Em
From: Ohio, USA
Message: Erik, When I first saw me on E.R., I was amazed. Your character relates a lot to me. We both have a great sense of humor, and a compassionate side. I wish you all the luck in every acting job you do. Just remember that when life gets tough, look to God. He helps me through all my problems, and he'll help you too.

Name: Lindsay
From: Massachusetts, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik! I love you in ER as Dr. Dave, and I loved U-571 as well.

Name: Anonymous
From: U.K.
Message: Hey happy birthday!!

Name: Erin
From: Connecticut, USA
Message: Happy 32nd Birthday Erik!! I always look forward to seeing your gorgeous face on Thursday nights. Best of luck next season on ER. I wish you much love and success. Tell Daisy I said Hi and give her a kiss for me!!!!

Name: Sonia
From: Ireland
Message: HI Erik. I just want to say happy birthday to you have a good time , I love you in ER. I have not missed any episodes. love and kisses, Sonia

Name: Milenka
From: Ohio
Message: Happy Birthday Erik! Hope you have a great one. I wish the best for you, now and all the years to come. And congratulations on all of your successes.

Name: Ashley and Torie
From: Vancouver, Canada
Message: Hi Erik! Have an awesome 32nd birthday! We're your #1 Fans! You are a hottie!

Name: Dee
From: San Francisco, USA
Message: Have a wonderful birthday Erik!!!! If you had not join the ER cast, I would have stopped watching a while ago. Thanks for keeping the cast on their toes with your humor and great charm. By the way, you have a killer smile!

Name: Cris
From: Southern Cali!! (USA)
Message: (If you're reading this Erik) WHAT UP!! I just saw you last week in U-571 and I got one word that sums up my reaction when I saw you..."DAMN!" Yes yes, I know immature, but that's the truth! Anyhow, ever since I saw you in U-571, I heard you were on E.R., so then link after link I FINALLY found a page for YOU, *which you deserve* and what a great page!! (props to the webmaster=) So, I saw you last week on E.R., "Dr. Dave" don't know how well you fit that role!! Well, let me stop going on & on so I can get to the point of this message, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your birthday is this wednesday...I'm free that day =) Haha j/k!! Anyhow, yea, lemme shut up already, LOL, see ya 'round cutie!

Name: Shannon
From: IN, USA
Message: I hope you have a wonderful birthday. I know now-a-days when a birthday comes, I cringe. I guess that's bad because I'm only 19. I look forward to seeing more of you on ER. I know you hear this all the time, but you
are a wonderful, gifted actor. I love how you portray your character on ER. You have brought a whole new life to the show. Sometimes I wish I would have chosen acting as my career. Right now I am study pre-med, preparing to take my mcat. Anyways, I also saw U-571, it was fabulous. Once again another superb performance on your behalf. I can't wait to see more of you on TV and in the movies. Happy Birthday!!!!

Name: Helen and Ann Etherington
From: Lancashire, England
Message: Hello. We just want to wish you a very happy birhtday and to say that we love you. Have a great day you deserve it. Thank you. love from Helen and Ann. p.s we can't wait to see your new film 'U-571' It looks great.

Name: Jackie
From: New Jersey, USA
Message: Dear Erik, I love you soooooo much!!! I have followed your work and you do exceptional in everything you do. I am really looking forward to seeing U-571 this weekend. You are great on ER. I just love the character of Dave Malucci. His one liners are so funny!! I loved when he ate the Captain Crunch!! When Dave almost beat up the father of that little girl, I cried. It was so sweet. You portray him beautifully. Have a great birthday and many more. 
Love always, Jackie

Name: Marcy
From: VA, USA
Message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIK!!!!!!!!! You look so good in U-571 and on ER, you should take your shirt off more often!!!!

Name: Madeline
From: Eureka, CA, USA
Message: Hey Erik! I just want to wish you a very happy birthday, along with my congratulations on all you've accomplished (especially U-571~I saw it twice the weekend it came out!) You are the reason that I haven't missed a
single episode of "ER" this season :) Have an awesome birthday! Love ya! Maddie

Name: Becky
From: Chicago, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik!!! I am a HUGE fan of ER! Dr. Dave is the best!!! I also saw you in U-571 and you were amazing! You are the hottest man alive! I can't wait until you come to Chicago to film ER again because it is my dream to meet you! You are the cutest, sweetest man, and I wish you luck in all you do! Happy birthday!

Name: Erin
From: Virginia Beach, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik!!! I love Dr. Dave. I want to be a doctor myself, in fact, this summer I'm volunteering at the trauma center at Norfolk General, (the largest hospital in southeastern VA). Should be a good experience. I think that starring on ER is one of the best things that could have happened to you and to the show. Also, congratulations on the success of U-571, it is an AMAZING movie. Oh, by the way, I'm flying out to LA in August. Last year, my aunt and I took a tour of the Warner bros. lot, we didn't see any ER cast members though. :( I know you live in LA, maybe I'll run into you! Imagine that! Love ya ERik, Always, ERin

Name: Artemis
From: California, USA
Message: Best wishes on your birthday! Be sure to get birthday kisses from your dog =o) Hope you stay on ER until its final episode!

Name: Irene
From: Toronto, Canada
Message: Happy Birthday Sir Erik! Kudos to you for your heroic actions in that last episode of ER. Much love goes out to you from your many worshippers, I mean super-fans ^_^ Have a good one Doc!

Name: Jessica
From: Tennessee, USA
Message: Happy Birth day Erik!!!!!!! I hope you have a great day and good luck on ER next season. I think you are so
talented and I love you and "Dr. Dave". Love always, Jessica

Name: Jenny (JJ)
From: Surrey, UK
Message: Hey!, um okay Happy Birthday! If you ever read these messages it would be so cool! Anyhoo, in case she doesn't log on, I'll just plug my best mate Rose, who's crazy about you and ER like me! Okay, so I've g2g before mum throws a cow for me online so long. 'bye! LUV JJ :) :) ER RULES!!!

Name: Selma
From: Long Island, New York
Message: Hi Beautiful! Conratulations on all your success! Wow! You are everywhere these days! Just like this site, just about you! I always knew I'd be seeing you on the big screen someday! Except that now I'm seeing you on 3 screens: The TV screen, the Movie screen, and the Computer screen! Good for you baby! Just when I thought I'd never see you again, there you are! I love it! Much happiness and success to you on your birthday and always! Oh! and by the way, Erik, I didn't need this site to tell me that May 10th is your birthday! I've always known. Hugs and lots and lots of sweet kisses on those luscious lips of yours! Love You, Selma

Name: Emily
From: NJ
Message: Happy Birthday, Erik!!! I would just like to say that I have bee a fan of yours since the first time you appeared on E.R. You are the reason I continue to watch the show. I think you are a fantastic actor, and I wish you
the best of luck!!! ~*Emily*~

Name: Amy
From: Florida, USA
Message: Hey Erik- I LOVE U SO SO MUCH!!! And I wish u the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!!! laterz, Amy

Name: Erin
From: Alberta, Canada
Message: Have an awesome birthday. Thank you for sharing your acting talent with us all. All the best for the future.
Love ya lots.

Name: Li
From: North Carolina, USA
Message: Feliz cumpleaños!!! I hope you have a great birthday Erik, and may all your wishes come true! I love you on ER, and I can't wait to see what your future in acting holds. Love Ya!!!

Name: Corri
From:  Melfort, Saskatchewan, Canada

Name: b
From: Cambrigdshire, England
Message: Happy birthday.. don't eat too much cake!!!!

Name: Terry
From: Vancouver, WA, USA
Message: Happy Birthday to the next Robert Michum. You're a fine actor and one helluva good-looking guy.

Name: Tammy
From: Canada
Message: Happy birthday. Hope you have a great day.

Name: Sarah
From: Illinois, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik! You are so adorable and I loved how you read to that little girl in the last episode. Have a great birthday! :) Love, Sarah

Name: Grace & Jane
Message: From Grace: happy b day groovey doctor and come visit Ireland. We need 2 c more of u.  Ud look good in green. bye

From Jane: I have composed a song!!!! Sung to the tune of "Lisa's b-day song from The Simpsons"

"Erik its ur birthday, god bless u this day, u gave us the gift of the coolest dr and we drool over u on Thursdays!! 
**chorus** Erik its ur birthday, happy birthday Erik

We bring u cards and flowers, we wish ud bring us kisses and love, cos ur a tanned sex machine sent from the heavens above. repeat chorus" end.

Name: Katie
Message: Happy birthday Erik! I hope you have a great day and get so many great things. You deserve it for all of your hard work you've been putting in on "ER" and also "U-571". You were great! Luv ya! xoxox ~Katie

Name: Tamsin
Message: Well you don't look 32 from where I'm standing. Happy birthday and I hope Dr. Dave gets so action, yo! (You know where I am!)

Name: Sandra
Toronto, Canada

Name: Stephanie
West Virginia
Message: I just want to wish you a very happy birthday! Hope it turns out just as special as you are. Love ya babe.

Name: céindreadh
Dublin, Ireland
Message: Happy birthday Erik. Hope you stay on our screens (in ER and in others) for a long time.

Name: Alice
Message: Happy birthday, have a good day. Just to say I enjoy watching you on ER, and you do an ace job. I think just about everyone likes Dr. Dave. Also am hoping to see your new movie when it comes out in England. Hope you stay on ER for years to come.

Name: Helen
Birmingham, England
Message: Happy Birthday!!!!

Name: Anna
London, England
Message: Hey Happy Birthday Erik and many happy returns. Keep up the good work as Dr. Dave. Everyone loves you here in the UK.

Name: Angel Morton
Kansas, USA
Message: Happy Birthday Erik. I am glad to be seeing more of you on ER and U-571 was great. Take care babe! 
Luv You, Angel

 Name: Christine
Toronto, Canada
Message: I would like to wish you a very happy birthday, Erik! May you be blessed with happiness and success in the years to come. Your work is amazing and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.