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As Dr. Dave Malucci


    Dr. Dave Malucci is the newest addition to the ER cast. He made his first appearance on ER in the second episode of the sixth season: Last Rites. Dave was originally scheduled to appear for a few episodes, but has now been bumped up to a series regular.

   Dave immediately comes across as an arrogant second-year resident. He races to grab a difficult case (making the coin toss with Carter on the head trauma), has a poor bedside manner (calling patients a "veggie burger"), slightly short on accountability (needing Haleh to remind him of his patient's symptoms) and is perhaps, a little overly-ambitious as seen in the paramedic run to save a man in a car accident. He's loud and he's brash. 

    But Dave does have a sense of humour (though it can get a bit twisted) and shows signs of being a competent doctor (the call on J.V.S).  Dave is slowly revealing a compassionate side, as seen in his reading of the farewell message on the Kleenex box to the dead husband.  He gets props for 'fessing up to the Bunsen burner ordeal as well. He's also the first to inquire about Kerry's leg. (I give him props for being so bold to ask!)

    In Great Expectations it was revealed that Dave went to medical school in Grenada, as his MCAT scores were too low to be accepted into an American university.

    TV critics have already dubbed Dr. Dave as the "Jerk" and that he "makes a negative impression". Though his behaviour may justify some of the comments, I think Dave rejuvinates ER by injecting an energy and humour into the show. The character is realistic and shows potential to develop - which makes for a progressive storyline. In an interview on Later, Erik revealed that he has signed a four-year contract, so it looks like Dave will be on the show for a while.