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About Erik Palladino


Biographical Information

Name: Erik Palladino

Age: 31

Birthdate: May 10, 1968 (astrology lovers knows he's a Taurus)

Birthplace: Yonkers, New York, USA

Current Residence: a one-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, California, USA

Family: Youngest son of Peter and Queenie; brother to Chris, 38, and Todd, 36; has a mutt named Daisy
Mr. Palladino runs a heating contractor business in the Bronx and Chris and Todd both work in the family business. Mrs. Palladino is a junior high school teacher.

High School: Archbishop Stepinac High School - an all-boys, private school in White Plains, New York. It's the same one that Alan Alda (Dr. Gabe Lawrence) went to. (thanks to Dee for this info!)

College: Marymount Manhatten College, theatre major, graduated in 1991 with a bachelor of arts degree

Inspired to act: At age 12 when he saw Robert De Niro's Raging Bull

Acting Experiences: Performed with the Children's Repertory Company in New Rochelle, NY at 13; Series regular in Short Attention Span on Comedy Central; was a veejay for MTV's The Goods (1996), asked by casting director to be a regular in Love and Marriage (1996); is a regular on DiResta (1998); starred in four independent films; made guest appearances in Murphy Brown, Can't Hardly Wait, Malcolm and Eddie and Party of Five; regular on ER (1999); stars in supporting role in U-571 (2000) [see filmography]  

Musical Experience: lead singer in rock band, No Happy Faces with brother Chris

Hobbies: Boxing, Sports, Writing, New York Yankee fan, hanging out on the front stoop of his apartment

Agent: Endeavor Agency, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Miscellaneous Personal Information

-is 6 feet tall

-was a fan of Bon Jovi and had long rocker-like hair

-his first car is a Lexus

-cut his hair and the roles started coming

-is a smoker (Malboro Lights may be a favourite)

-hung out with a wild and sometimes violent group in high school - was arrested at 17 (someone commented about his long hair and Erik hit him), served one year's probation, conviction was erased

-has a favourite black leather jacket, worn it for eight years (seen in Murphy Brown and Later)

-apparently Murphy Brown asked Erik out (or so he said on Later)

-would like to have a family and children

-was fired from his veejay job because he made jokes about MTV's video rotations

-wears ring on left-hand fourth finger (as seen in ER)

-plays poker with neighbour Adam Jones

-speaks fluent Spanish (or so it appeared in The Domino Heart)

-has a tattoo on left bicep? (see enlarged picture) He didn't have it on Rosie though.
[Scanning the pic again larger, the tattoo looks like a Chinese character. It depends on the context it's used in, but it's the word "by" - as in "standing by" something] 





Feel free to email me with any additional information