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By Graceyjane

After the confortation with Corday... 

Dave burst into the lounge and slammed his fist into Carters locker.
"Oh fiddlesticks!" Carter mumbled. 
"Did you say sumthing gaywad?" Dave boomed. 
"No sir." 
"Get me a cafe late with whipped cream, and would it kill u to get me a muffin too?" 
"Am no sir , yes sir, right away sir," Carter scuttled off, eager to please. Just then Abby appeared in floods of tears. 
"Please forgive me Dave. I didn't mean it, its just..." 
"Shuddup wench... to the secret hideout!!" Dave exclaimed striking a superman pose. 
"The morgue sshhhhh" 



Dave sat down at his desk and flipped through his assassin rolodex. 
Abby looked around in amazment. Dave had created his very own batcave, how ingenious of him, she thought. 
"Hmmmm....ah here she is...the deadliest assassin known to man...and the prettiest......JILLY BEAN, KILLING MACHINE." 
Abby's jaw dropped through the floor. 
"The same Jilly that killed Lucy because she was your stalker?" 
"How do u know that Abby?" 
"Uh....I uh guessed?" 
"Damn you're smart Abby, smart enough to b a doctor." 
"But I am a doctor." 
"Oh yea." 
Our hero, poor naive Dave, unbeknownst to him that Abby had a habit of poking her nose into other peoples business trying to earn a little extra cash, after all it was she who pulled the plug on Carter's little drug game. 
"Well I know its hard to stop staring at my beautiful face Abby, "Dave said flashing a super smile that made his white teeth 'ping' "but could ya call Jilly for me? I wanna annoy gaywad some more." 
"Anything 4 u ..." 
Dave left and Abby whispered "master". 



Jillian flicked long blonde hair behind her army combat clad shoulder. 
"I dunno apple..." 
"It's Abby" 
"Normally I'd do anything thing for Dave, but I got a Croation doctor to scare, maybe some other time. See ya Cabby" 
"Its Abby," the financially challenged med student said to the dial tone. "Dave's gonna be sooo pissed."



Chuni scribbled on her pad "Dave, 5 lives saved, Kerry 1" and that's just today. 
Dave smirked when he saw the pad, well see who'll be chief next year. 
"Good job Malucci" Kerry said a little embarrassed. 
Abby waited for the trauma room to empty before talking to the vision of loveliness that is Dave. 
"So, did you schedule an appointment?" our man muffin asked. 
"She's booked until November.." 
"I can wait." 
Dave's handsome face sank. "Ahhh man," he cried. "You really screwed up this time Abby" 
Abby frowned and looked at her cheap shoes, she bit her lip, but said nothing. 
"Looks like we'll have to do it Abby. Get the gear and meet me at Corday's tonight." 
"Like a date?" Abby asked hopefully. 
"In your dreams," Dave grinned strolling out of the trauma room. "Hey gaywad, c'mere" 
Carter yelped and started to run, Dave in hot pursuit. 



Dave looked great in his black ambush gear as he fixed the pizza hat on Abby's head. 
"Now you know what to do, right?" 
Abby nodded her head eagerly. 
"Ok, go get 'em sport." 
Corday pulled the door open. 
"Wot?" she snapped in her annoying accent. 
"Pizza," Abby whispered 
"I did not order any pizza. Now please go away and do not bother me you little upstart, I have a good idea to report you young lady......" 
Dave smiled to himself running his fingers along his sawn off shotgun, he was perfectly right in thinking Corday would give Abby a lecture. 
Corday fell back as the bullet ripped through her stomach, then Abby pulled out her rifle and began filling Corday's hideous body with bullets. 
Dave motioned for Abby to stop and placed the barrel of the gun on Corday's knee cap then blasted it off. 
"Ok, that's enough Abby. Let's go to Doc Magoos and celebrate." 
"Dave please call me an ambulance. I'm dying," Corday mumbled spewing blood on Dave's shoes. 
"Gee, Lizzie, I would, but I'm too darn lazy." 
The evil English doctor looked pitifully at Abby. 
"Well I cant call you an ambulance Liz dear, I'm only a med student." Abby said smiling sweetly. 
"Nice touch Abby." Dave said strolling down the corridor leaving piggy to drown in her own blood. 
Revenge is sweet.