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Something to Talk About, Part 4

Disclaimer: All characters are not owned by me, but the wonderful people at NBC, etc. Now go read
the fanfic!
Rating: PG-13

Deb walked into the ER angrily, looking for Malucci. What the hell was that? Was he planning on following up on it? And most importantly, was he in love with her? She scowled, her eyes wandering throughout the busy plane of the ER.

"Jerry, have you seen Malucci?" She questioned the desk clerk.

"He just walked back in. I guess he was on break.. he just took a guy in 3." He mumbled. He was chewing on a sugar donut, and sorting at papers at the same time.

"Thanks." She stormed down the hall, heading toward room three. What did he think this was, a little game? She mustered up some kind of calm, then opened the door to exam room 3. 

"Dr. Malucci, may I see you a moment?" She asked hesitantly.

"Uh, sure." He threw his stethoscope back around his shoulders and turned to his patient. "I'll be right back, Mr. Donnegan." Getting up from the small stool, he looked at Deb intensely. What did she think? He shut the door behind him, trying to get some privacy.

"Dave, what the hell was that?" She yelped, as silently as she could.

"I told you. I love you." He stared her in the eyes.

"Oh, Dave, cut the horse shit. Are you going to go after me or was this a one time thing? Gimme a hint, 'cause I sure didn't get one from your little adventures outside." Her volume was getting higher, but she couldn't help it.

"I *want* to pursue you, Deb. But I just don't know how to. I mean, we feuded all last month. Do you expect me to just come out and say I love you, kiss you, and then have a one night stand with you? Or would you rather I take it nice and slow. Or would you rather I back off. How the hell am I supposed to know what to do? *I'm* the one in the lurch here, Deb, not you." He sighed. "I told you, I love you. I want to be with you. Just gimme some hints on how to get you, and we'll be fine."

She looked his straight in the eyes, almost positive as to the answer she would give him. "Malucci, all you have to do is what you did out there. That's what I like to hear.." She kissed him just like he had done before. Oh my God, she thought, I have feelings for him too. When did this all happen? He let go. 

"Wait one sec. Lemme get someone to cover for my patient. I have to grab his X, anyway. Meet me there?" He inquired. She nodded. They needed to discuss this quietly. He ran into the room and grabbed the notes he had on the patient, told him that he would be back soon, and just to relax. Then he headed over to the X-Ray room. He leaned toward her, kissing her like he had before. She kissed right back. 

"Are you sure about this?" she muttered in the fit of passion.

"Mm hmm.." he pulled off her lab coat, she the top of his blue scrubs. And they disappeared underneath the counters of the cold tile room.

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