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The Weak Link, Part 3

By Alyssa Santos

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters. This is my first Fan Fiction and I have little to no medical knowledge so give me a break. You can E-mail me at

Dave had been transferred to recovery and Carter had decided to see him. As Carter neared the room he heard laughing from inside. He opened the door and stepped in to find Dave still on his bed reading a magazine. He laughed again and looked up at Carter. The smile was there. That distinct smile that belonged only to Dave. His eyes seemed to laugh as they looked into Carter’s. “Have you read this one?” he asked, holding up the magazine. Carter shook his head no.
“Well you should,” he said looking once more at its pages. “Its a crack up.”
“Dave.” Carter said, cutting off conversation.
“What?” Dave asked, as if there was no reason for Carter to be talking to him.
“Why did you do it?” He asked
“Wha...” Carter interrupted him again
“You’re as happy as can be.” Carter answered, motioning to the magazine.
Unexpectedly Dave’s face turned solemn and grave.
“Whoever said that?” He asked.
“Your laughing. Just like your old sel....” Carter started.
“And how did you know I was happy then?” Dave asked, he eyes unrelenting staring straight at Carter. Then as suddenly as it had disappeared the smile was back, his eyes went back to the magazine.
“Hey, don’t beat yourself up Carter. You had nothing to do with it. Nothing at
all.” Carter caught himself smiling slightly.

He got up to leave. He was almost to the door when Dave spoke again. “I guess I’m the weak link now.” He said casually. Carter turned back to see Dave looking back at him. He only took a moment to figure out what to say then answered. 
“Maybe so. But if you repair a broken link right, it can become stronger then the others.” Dave smiled again and again turned his eyes to the magazine.
“Very poetic Carter.”

Bill the psyche consult walked down the hall. Kerry spotted him before he spotted her. She walked right up to him and said simply, “So?”
“Well,” he said, clearing his throat. “We have been talking. Most of it is strictly confidential, you’ll have to ask him yourself. I can say though that he is feeling a great deal of remorse.”
“That’s good.” Kerry said for him.
“Yes, yes it is. He doesn’t want to try it again, he wishes he never had. However most of the remorse has to do with his work.”
Kerry looked at him questionably.
“He is afraid he will never be seen the same in his co-workers eyes. Which is absolutely true. He can never go back to before it happened in your minds. He’s very upset over that.”

Kerry sighed, she didn’t know what to say. Finally she just came out with it. “Will he be able to work again?”
“Oh yes.” The man said. “I have no doubt. He should be able to come back after only a few weeks. The problem is he needs something to keep his mind busy. Not working might do more bad then good, he needs something to do. He’ll need a lot of help though. He needs to be supported, but he won’t like that so you have to do it discreet like. He’ll want you all to forget it ever happened, but he will probably get mad when you don’t acknowledge it. It’s very hard, working with people like him. You can make or break him. He’s strong though. I have no doubt he’ll make it.” There was a long pause, and he looked at Kerry for a while.
“I’ll send someone down to talk with staff.” Kerry knew what he meant, someone to counsel them.

When it was evident she didn’t have anything to say he added “You can call and ask me any questions you’d like. I’ll need to make a schedule to meet with him. It will be hard but I’ll try to meet with him personally. OK?” Kerry nodded, he stayed for a moment, then walked back towards the elevator.

End of part three

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