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Dave's In The ER

Season 6 episode summaries.


May Day (May 18, 2000 - Season finale)

Carter, Abby, Randi and Conni are watching the news in registration. Dave comes along and asks where the tool kit is. Randi asks why he need one and he says that a patient drilled a screw into his tibia and that he intends to screw it out. He asks them what they are watching on TV and Abby wonders where he has been. Carter tells Dave there has been a school shooting and that Kerry sent Peter and Luka out. Dave asks why they got to go and Carter tells him it is because they don't get sick in the chopper. Dave says to Carter defensively, "I told you, I have the flu." A trauma is coming in and Carter says that he will take it. Dave asks why Carter gets it and Carter says that if he needs an oil check if will call Dave.

A patient is heard screaming and Mark wonders who it is. He sees Dave trying to take out a screw in a man's leg. Mark tells Dave to give the man lidocaine and Dave says that the man won't even take an aspirin. The man says it will interfere with the healing process. Dave says even Kerry tried to talk some sense into him. Mark says that if the man wants to be a masochist then he has to be quiet so he doesn't scare other patients. Dave says he'll get the man to bite down on a bullet or something.

Carter sees Dave and calls him Dr. Torquemada. Dave doesn't understand and Carter asks if he has discharged his screaming patient. Dave comments that the man was pretty touch, he took the hurt and won. Carter responds, "no brain, no pain." Dave and Carter walk into the staff lounge and Dave comments that some cultures see pain as a rite of passage. He sees Abby, Mark and Kerry sitting at a table and asks if there is a staff meeting. Kerry replies no. Dave pours himself a cup of coffee and tells Carter that at age 13, the Masai warriors scar themselves and yank out their bottom teeth with no novocaine. Mark asks Dave if he can give them a minute. Dave apologizes and walks out. Mark asks Carter to stay though. Carter examines the coffee pot and says that Dave left it with only a millilitre of coffee left in the pot.

Such Sweet Sorrow (May 11, 2000)

Kerry is mad that there are patients building up and doctors not seeing them. She hands Dave hemorrhoids and a butt boil. Dave groans and Kerry warns him that she hopes he was showing enthusiasm. Dave says "can't wait" in mock enthusiasm. Kerry also tells Dave that he is supervising Abby.

Dave runs into Carter in the hall and asks if he is okay because he is not looking good. Carter tells Dave he has trouble sleeping. Dave suggests reading the annals, because that puts him right out. Carter asks if Dave is on all night because it is supposed to be Dave's day off. Dave said he switched with Cleo because he has tickets for Rage Against the Machine on Saturday night - right in the pit, he adds. Dave also comments to Carter that he thinks Kerry has it in for him. "What did I do to festus to make her pissed?" he asks Carter. Carter replies, "Call her festus." Dave answers, "Not to her face."

Abby is treating a girl with STD's and asks Dave to sign the discharge form. Abby says that she thought it would be a bad day, but it hasn't been so far. Dave asks if her Venus is out of alignment with the ninth moon of Jupiter, and Frank - the desk clerk - says that Jupiter has only eight moons. He begins to name them and Dave asks who Frank is. Conni tells Dave that Frank is the temp.

Abby is alerted suddenly that her STD patient fainted outside. Dave and Abby bring her to the trauma room and Dave asks Abby which patient this is (he didn't see her before discharging her).  Abby made a mistake in the girl's diagnosis and tells Dave that she has an ovarian abscess / inoculated mass. Dave is amazed that Abby picked that up and tells her, " I wouldn't know one if it bit me in the ass."

Abby and Dave are in the O.R. where the girl is being operated on. Elizabeth looks angry and walks towards them. Dave whispers to Abby that "this isn't going to be pretty." Liz asks them what kind of examination they gave her? Abby admits that Dave never saw the patient because she didn't let him. Abby thought that her qualifications in O.B. - GYN gave her the experience she needed to make an accurate assessment. Liz informs Abby that she is years away from that kind of experience. Liz then talks to Dave alone. She tells Dave that when new residents come in, they size them up and hope all the best for them - that they succeed. But then they form opinions through interaction and she tells Dave the staff's opinion about him. She says, that he is lazy, sloppy, careless about his responsibilities and that he endangers patient's lives. She tells him that none of the them think he's much of a doctor. Dave doesn't respond.

Loose Ends (May 4, 2000)

Carter is looking for a condo and Dave comments that there were too many yuppies in the area that Carter is thinking about. Carter tells Dave that Dave is a yuppie and Chuny agrees. Dave denies it and asks Kerry if he is a yuppie. Kerry replies, "No, but you will be when you grow up." Kerry also informs Dave and Carter that Mark is not coming in and that one of them has to take his shift. Dave says they'll flip for it, but Carter offers to take the shift.

Abby is caring for an old man under Dave's supervision. They need to intubate him to help him breathe. Carter comes along with a new gadget - an airway cam - which will allow Carter and Dave to see what Abby sees when she is tubing the patient. Dave looks at the camera, waves and says "Hi mom!". Carter and Dave guide Abby through the procedure and she succeeds. Dave says it's easy when you have a good teacher (referring to himself) and Abby replies, "Right," and looks at Carter.

Dave is looking for some patients, but Carter has taken most of them. Dave says that if Carter wants them all, he will go home. Dave starts looking at a patient for a wound-check when a nurse runs in and tell him that one of his patients stopped breathing. He hands the wound-check guy to Jing-Mei.

When Dave is saving his patient, the wound-check man enters and Dave tells him to go away. The man then steals an ambulance rig. Carter helps Dave on the case and Luka helps later. Carter and Dave debate about the patient's condition. Dave says they should check the belly but Carter says he's worried about the heart. It turns out that Carter was right and when Luka compliments Carter on his good work, Dave just smirks.

The wound check man appears over the ambulance radio and tells Dave that he is bringing in sick people. A father and daughter who were injured in a multi-vehicle accident are brought in. Dave treats the girl. Cleo comes in to assist Dave. When the nurse tries to remove the girl's underpants, she protests. Dave gets a blanket to cover her, but notices that she has bruising on her thighs and blood in her underpants. He wonders if it's a urethral injury from a pelvic fracture. Cleo checks and says it's not. Dave and Cleo become concerned and Dave asks the girl if anyone has touched her where she goes to the bathroom. She tells him that her dad plays a game with her and that it hurts. Dave tells the girl that her father will never hurt her again. Dave runs into the next trauma room and lunges at the father on the operating table. Malik holds Dave back while he shouts that he molested his daughter, she has signs of abuse. Carter takes Dave out of the room and says that he should let Cleo do a pelvic exam. Dave says he will assist, and Carter says no. Dave protests that the man raped his daughter and that the girl trusts him. Carter still says no, but Dave is going to assist on the pelvic anyway.

Dave reads Green Eggs and Ham to the girl while Cleo performs the pelvic exam. Cleo tells Dave that the girl's hymen has been heavily damaged. Dave pauses in his reading, but continues when the girl asks him to.

Dave is giving stitches to the girl's father (from the head injury earlier on) and tells him that after he is finished stitching him up he is going to jail. Kerry comes in and sees the patient wincing in pain. She tells Dave to give him more lidocaine, but Dave says that it will ruin his stitches. Kerry tells Dave to give him anesthetics or else she will take over. Dave chooses to hand him over to Kerry.

Carter and Dave are at registration and Carter informs Dave that a multi-stab wound is coming in and asks if Dave would like to help. Dave says no. Carter asks how the girl is doing and Dave replies in an annoyed voice, "the wounds will heal." He bids Carter good-bye and leaves abruptly.

The Fastest Year (April 27, 2000)

A little boy is afraid of Kerry because of her crutch. He runs away from her and Connie chases after the boy. Kerry tells her that if she has problems get Dave to help.

Dave tells Kerry that the boy was found in the cafeteria eating tapioca pudding. She hands him the boy's chart and tells him to set up a bolus for and keep him on maintenance checks. Dave is not very happy that he is given the boy as his patient.

The boy peeks around the corner to spy on Kerry. Kerry tells Dave about it and Dave goes to fetch the boy.

Match Made In Heaven (April 13, 2000)

Dave walks into registration and complains that Carol hasn't entered an NG tube in his patient yet. Haleh tells Dave that Carol is upstairs. Dave complains that Carol was upstairs an hour ago. Haleh or Mark says she's looking after her twins. Dave says that it was Carol's choice to have two kids and that it shouldn't affect him. Mark tells Dave that when he raises two kids, he'll know what's it's like. Haleh says that she will tube his patient.


Viable Options (April 6, 2000)

Two men enter the ER battling it out in a fistfight. Romano, Jing-Mei and Kerry all try to break up the fight. Dave comes out of the staff room and tries to control the younger man. Dave says to him (something along the lines of - and correct me if I'm wrong) "take it easy, bud." The man turns to Dave and says "who are you calling bud?" and lunges at Dave. Dave blocks his punch and tackles him against the registration desk, saying "I'm calling you, bud."

The two men are taken to an exam room. They are temporarily under control until the younger man provokes the older man, which causes him to stab the young man in the cheek with Romano's pen. All the staff are disgusted. Dave asks Romano if he should just yank the pen out and Romano says no. They have to check to see if any damage was done to the guy's face and to his pen. Dave looks at Romano curiously.


Under Control (Mar. 23, 2000)

Jing-Mei wonders where the zero forms are and Dave tells her they are under the tegaderm. He asks her what time she gets off and wonders what she is doing that Saturday night. Jing-Mei says she is washing her hair. Dave hopes she has fun.

Mark tells Dave, Abby and Jing-Mei to follow him on a power round to clear up the backlog of patients. Dave is assigned a woman with a nose bleed. He also accompanies Mark and Jing-Mei to do a tongue-blade test on a woman.

While Abby treats a cancer patient, Dave is seen in the back wearing a device on his head. It's to examine the patient's nose. He hears Abby order morphine for the cancer patient's pain and tells her that she has been paying attention during rounds. Dave then notices Jing-Mei gawking over the handsome nurse that she's treating. Dave asks if she needs help, but she says she has everything under control. Dave replies, "Good," and rips off a piece of tape for his patient.

In reception, Dave sees Frank - Jing-Mei's nurse patient - on the computer. He tells Frank that patients aren't allowed on the computers, but Randi tells Dave the Frank's a nurse and that she let him. Jing-Mei comes around and tells Frank he should be on a monitor. Dave notices Frank has a low sodium count. When Frank leaves, Dave comments to Randi that Frank is a "piece of work." Randi counters with a "and you're not?" Dave asks what she means by that and she points out that he's eating Cap'N Crunch out of a emesis basin. Carol comes and asks Randi if her nanny called and notices Dave's meal. She asks him what that is and Dave tells her that he was hungry and that all there was in the lounge was a box of cereal and a jar of milk. She replies, "Oh God, Malucci," leaving Dave thinking "What?" (Little does he know that the milk is actually Carol's breast milk.)

Dave shouts to Mark that he's "got a live one." A Gila monster is biting a patient's hand. Dave asks Mark if they will have to kill the lizard, but Mark says only as a last resort. Dave gets the vascular clamps and Mark tries to pry open the lizard's jaws. He tells Dave to get ready to catch it. Dave wonders with what and Mark suggests a kick bucket. Dave positions the bucket and gets a tray ready to trap it. Mark continues to pry as Dave looks on grimacing. The lizard snaps off and Dave slams the tray over the bucket. Mark tells Dave to call animal control or the zoo and Dave runs off with the bucket.

Later, Carol comes in holding her twins. Dave tells Carol that pedes is full, but Carol informs him that the babies are her daughters. Dave holds one of the girl's wrist. Jing-Mei walks in and Dave asks her "what happened to super nurse?" Jing-Mei tells him that she diagnosed Frank's addison disease (which he fainted from). Dave asks if he is in pysch but she says that he is going into medicine. Dave congratulates her good pick up of the illness and she tells him that she will later go to accompany Frank on the fifth floor. Dave laughs.


Be Patient (Feb. 24, 2000)

Dave rides by Mark and Elizabeth on his bicycle on his way to the ER. Mark is amazed that Dave still rides it in the winter. Elizabeth realizes that she forgot the notes for Dave's meeting with Romano in the afternoon (Dave admitted a patient) and returns to her apartment to get them.

Dave is locking up his bike and Mark tells Dave he should get a U-lock because a pair of pliers would be sufficient to cut the chain and take the bike. Dave responds with a "yes, mom." and asks if Mark will scold him for not wearing a helmet. Mark responds with: "Dr. Dave, I'd never want to get between you and your personal path to brain death."

Jing-Mei is doing paperwork at the registration desk and Dave tells her that there are patients to see. Jing-Mei says that she is not on yet, and Dave comments with "So you making the rest of us look bad?" Jing-Mei reveals that she is following up on Carter and Lucy's patients. Dave drops the smile and asks if she needs help. She doesn't.

Barbara Knight enters the ER and asks Dave where Mark or Kerry are. Dave say that they both were here a minute ago and tells her that he's all she's got, so she must inquire with him. Mrs. Knight says she just needs to go to the lounge. Dave tells her that they don't have patients wait in the lounge. Mrs. Knight reveals she just wants to go to her daughter's locker and Dave asks what her name is again. She replies, "Barbara Knight, I'm Lucy's mother." Dave shows Mrs. Knight Lucy's locker but says he doesn't have the combination. She does and Dave helps her open it. He looks on from behind as Mrs. Knight tearfully cleans out Lucy's things.

A girl named Andrea arrives on an ambulance. Dave asks the paramedic about her and it is revealed that Andrea overdosed on pills. As they wheel her in, Kerry and Carol join them. Dave asks what pills she took and Andrea tells Carol to go away. Dave asks Carol if she knows Andrea and she tells him that Andrea was diagnosed with cervical cancer earlier that day. Carol frantically begins ordering tests and procedures and Dave tells her to calm down. Carol continues to yell orders and Dave asks if she's running this. Kerry puts a hand on Dave as a silent "let her do it." Andrea's friend Teri comes in and reveals that Andrea took diazapan - a prescription drug. Carol wants to intubate but Dave says not yet, and he can bag her. He begins the bagging but Carol thrusts him the tube to intubate. Dave tells her to slow down and to let the flamazenil work. Andrea wakes up and Dave replies, "good, it worked." He checks her breath sounds and tells Carol to give her charcoal.


All in the Family (Feb. 17, 2000)

The episode continues where the last one left off. The Valentine's Day party is still going and Dave is dancing with Randi. Kerry comes back and tells Malik to turn the music down, and Dave objects - but quiets down when he sees Kerry. The party begins to wind down. Kerry wonders where Mark is and Carol says "he left at eight, double date"; Dave responds with "I'm on 'til nine, mighty fine". Carol gives Dave a distasteful look.

Dave and Kerry are wheeling Lucy into the ER. Dave reports that her pulse is week and that she has stab wounds to the left neck, chest and two to the belly. Kerry says to tube Lucy and while she does this Dave asks if Kerry is alright. Lucy begins to lose blood rapidly and Dave says nervously to Kerry: "Look at this, look at this, chief." He asks her if he needs to trike Lucy, Kerry says she needs to trach (sp?) her.

Later, Mark and Lizzie get to the ER and Dave updates them on Lucy's condition. Dave reports that they're losing Lucy when she begins to crash, and says it looks like P.E.A. Everyone looks on as Kerry uses a sternal saw to open Lucy's chest. Dave reports Lucy's entering v-fib and Luka reports that there's blood in her belly. Dave says they should cross-clamp the aorta and Lizzie says they should take it one step at a time.

Lucy is being wheeled up to the OR. Mark asks if she's making urine, and Dave responds "50cc's in the foley." Dave, Mark and Lizzie are wheeling Lucy into the elevator and Mark tells Dave not to bag Lucy so quickly as they don't want to make her alkalotic.

Dave and Jing-Mei are off their shift and they go to Doc Magoo's to wait on Carter and Lucy's condition. They both order coffee. Abbey and Luka are there too. Dave comments that they didn't want to go home either and says the ordeal was "pretty scary." Luka agrees.

The four doctors, along with Haleh and Lydia are telling a story about when Carter made Lucy do a pelvic exam on a patient named Vanessa. Jing-Mei, Haleh and Lydia are laughing but Dave and Luka don't understand what's so funny. Jing-Mei reveals that Vanessa was a drag queen. They all start to laugh. Chuny enters and Luka sees that she's upset. Chuny reveals that Lucy has died.


Be Still My Heart (Feb. 10, 2000)

Dave and Jing-Mei are arguing over the condition of a man who was involved in a car accident. They argue in front of the patient and Mark comes in asking them what's wrong with the man. Mark finds out that the man is actually a doctor - Dr. Hudson. Mark apologizes for the residents' bickering and Dr. Hudson says he finds it funny.

Dave and Jing-Mei find out that Dr. Hudson has a heart disease called superior vena cava syndrome and that he will live only a year. The residents then argue whether Hudson should receive chemotherapy or radiation. Dave ops for radiation, Jing-Mei for chemo. Mark comes in later and settles the debate by asking Hudson. Hudson says that he prefers chemotherapy. But then Hudson crashes and has to go with radiation in the end. 

The staff Valentine's Day party starts and Dave is dancing to the music. Luka passes by and Dave flashes him a "you-da-man" hand signal. 

[Lucy and Carter were stabbed at the end of this episode - the story is continued in the next eppy]

I was dumb and forgot to hit record on my VCR for this one, so if I missed any minor details - let me know!


Abby Road (Feb. 2, 2000)

Dave is sick and asks Kerry if he can leave his shift early and go home. He says he has just vomited his breakfast. Dave doesn't want to infect his patients. But the ER is understaffed and Kerry, who is also sick, tells him to take some Imodium and to wear mask .

Abby Lockheart, a new medical student, is feeling Dave's forehead for a fever when Kerry sees him. She tells him to give Abby a break and to suck it up.

Carol is trying to set Dave with an IV tube and he winces. She says if he stopped squirming that she could get it in. Dave says, "can you be any rougher" and Carol retorts "can you whine any more?"

Elizabeth comes to check in on Dave's patient who is suffering from abdominal cramps. Lizzie diagnoses it as the flu. She also notices that Dave is walking around with an IV and asks if he's feeling dehydrated.

Dave tells Abby to give compozine and saline to a patient. She asks can't a nurse do that? Dave comments that Abby used to be a nurse and tells her that she is here to learn and that she should check the man's fecal leukocytes. Abby doesn't look happy and Dave walks out with a muttered "thanks".

Dave's previous patient, vomits blood. Peter, Abby and Carol rush to help him. Dave comes in to help, and rips out the IV from his arm. Peter says he needs to do a laprotomy and Dave comments that he can't do one in the ER. But timing is imminent and Peter does one anyone. Romano comes in and scolds Peter for operating in the ER and he turns his attention to Dave (calling him "Malatucci) saying that he should have known better. Dave walks away muttering that the operation "was pretty cool".

Dave sees Lucy sorting money from a box and asks what happened. Lucy's patient just died. Dave asks if she's the executor of his estate and Lucy says she is "something like that". Dave turns his attention to Abby and tells her that it is customary of residents to take their medical students out for a drink. Abby tells Dave that he's sick and Dave starts telling her "well, maybe you can nurse me back to health" when Jing-Mei walks by wearing a black dress. Dave tells Jing-Mei she looks great and asks if she has a date. Jing-Mei replies with a mysterious, "maybe". Abby tells Dave he's drooling on his chart and asks if he was serious about the drink. Dave doesn't speak much, but just utters some syllables and follows Jing-Mei. 


The Domino Heart (Jan. 13, 2000)

Dave is waiting for a fax from another department in the hospital and asks if Carol faxed it. She said she did. Dave wonders aloud that if the fax went through, the doctor would have called him, but has not yet. Carol says he must be busy. Dave walks over to the fax machine and realizes that it the machine has a paper jam. He asks Carol to fax the document for him again.

Dave is speaking to a woman in Spanish. He appears to be agitated. Kerry asks him if there is a problem and Dave shows her the drug that the woman gave him. Kerry is unfamiliar with it. Dave tells her that it is a Mexican drug that is a combination of pain killers and steroids. The woman's father took it and is now vomiting blood. Kerry advises Dave to give the patient steroid tapering.

Dave is wheeling in Mrs. Duffy while Carter attends to her daughter Louise. Jing-Mei sees them and asks what happened, for she just discharged Mrs. Duffy. Both mother and daughter slipped on ice in the hospital parking lot. Dave asks if Mrs. Duffy was Jing-Mei's patient, she confirms, and he tells her that he believes in continuity of care and leaves them to her.

Cleo is waiting for a translator and Dave asks her for what. He looks at Cleo's patient charts and goes into the examination room himself to question the patients. Dave speaks fluent Spanish. After talking to them, he rushes to his locker and tells Cleo that the patients got shots from an illegal pharmacy that smuggles drugs from Mexico. Dave begins to put on his jacket, and Cleo tells Dave it is dangerous for him to go there and that they should call the police. But Dave says that once the police arrive, the pharmacy will pack up and run. Cleo tells Dave to be careful and Dave leaves.

Dave returns to the hospital with a black eye. Cleo says he could have lost his life, and Kerry seeing Dave, asks him what happened. Dave tells Kerry that it was just a sucker punch from a bar fight. Cleo adds that he has no broken bones, only a few lost brain cells. Kerry leaves. As Cleo treats Dave's eye, he tells her that he went to the pharmacy and told them that he had a sore throat. The pharmacist doesn't look in Dave's mouth, but gives him a drug that was banned by the Food and Drug Association in the US. Furthermore, the pharmacist was going to give Dave a shot of a dangerous medicine. Cleo hopes Dave didn't let him, and Dave says he's not stupid and that he took the vial and ran, and that is how he got the black eye. Dave says that he has proof of the illegal pharmacy now and that they are going down. Cleo continues to treat Dave's eye until Peter excuses her.


Family Matters (Jan. 6, 2000)

Jing-Mei Chen returns to the ER and Kerry asks who she is. She introduces herself and Dave passes by and says hello. Kerry tells the new desk clerk, Andrew, to look up an automotive repair shop for her car. Dave overhears and tells Kerry that he can fix her car. Kerry lets him but hopes that she will not regret it later.

Carter is walking to the ER and sees Dave working on Kerry's car. He asks if Dave is attempting to steal it. Dave asks Carter if he knew Dr. Chen and if she worked at the ER before. Carter answers yes to both questions. Dave then says, "And?" implying if Carter and Jing-Mei had a relationship. Carter says that he doesn't go through all of his med students, and Dave says that he will back off if Carter wants him to. However, Carter says that he thinks that Dave and Jing-Mei would be great together and Dave responds with "consider it done."

An ambulance pulls up behind Dave carrying a boy who suffered shortness of breath and got hit with a hockey stick during gym class. Dave tells the boy that he always gets hit in the head and takes him as his patient. Examining him, Dave thinks the boy has pneumonia, but the E.K.G. had low voltage and Dave tells Yosh to do another E.K.G. on another machine. Dave asks what the boy's favourite hockey team is and he replies the Bruins. Dave says he prefers the Beehawks.

Dave is cleaning the spark plugs of Kerry's car in an exam room when Lucy walks in. She has the x-rays on the boy. Dave wonders when Lucy begins pulling x-rays for him and Lucy says that radiology flagged it. Dave immediately jumps up from his chair and looks at the x-ray. The boy does not have pneumonia but in fact has cancer and it has surrounded his heart. Dave notices that it is in inoperable and that the boy will die.

Dave tells Luka about the boy with cancer and says that the mother has been alerted, but the boy hasn't. Luka says that Dave should tell the boy himself, but Dave says he has paged oncology already. Luka insists that Dave do it as he is the boy's doctor.

Dave tells the boy that he has cancer. The boy wonders if that means more chemotherapy. Dave says that can shrink it but the cancer is surrounding his heart. The boy asks if he'll get better, and Dave replies "I don't think so." At that moment, Kerry walks in and shouts at Dave is he left something of hers in an exam room, but Dave tells her that he's busy. Kerry apologizes and leaves. Dave stays with the boy and his mother.

Kerry's car is working again and she thanks Dave for his help. Dave comments that at least he can fix cars, when Kerry questions him, Dave replies with a "nothing." Jing-Mei and Carter are leaving and Dave asks if they want to get something to eat. Both of them reply no. Dave asks Jing-Mei if she is working tomorrow and she answers that she is. Dave says "what a coincidence, so am I." He bids Carter goodnight and walks back to the ER. Carter gives Jing-Mei a playful and shove and says to her "do I have to warn you about him?" She laughs. 



How the Finch Stole Christmas (Dec. 16, 1999)

Dave was not featured in this episode.



Great Expectations (Nov. 25, 1999)

Malik and Dave are playing hockey. Dave is in a wheelchair. Malik says it is unfair for Dave to use his hands to block the shots, and that he should only use the chair. Dave leans over too far however, and ends up flipping over. Kerry enters and asks Dave if he has finished his notes. He has and she tells him to study for his in-service exam. Dave is waiting on a paramedic run and wonders if it is always slow on Thanksgiving Day.

Carter enters and is trouble with the assessment of a patient. Dave overhears and asks if the girl has been to Florida. Carter confirms and Dave says that she has Jamaican Vomiting Sickness which is induced by Akee fruit. Cleo, Kerry and Carter are weary of Dave's diagnosis, but Carter checks it out anyway.

Later, Chuny tells Dave that the patient he was waiting on has become a trauma patient because a car hit the ambulance. Carter congratulates Dave on J.V.S. diagnosis and asks him how he knew about it. Dave says it is because he is a good doctor, but Carter suspects Dave was part of the Peace Corps or something like that. Dave is hesitant to say, but after Carter's prodding, Dave reveals that he saw it in Grenada where he went to med school because his MCATs were too low. Carter asks what the scores were and Dave walks away.



Humpty Dumpty (Nov. 18, 1999)

Dave is walking a patient in when Carter asks him if he checked the patient over. Dave jokingly replies that he was going to just amputate.

Dave wants Carol to order him a gram stain, but Carol says she is only answering phones. Dave then uses the payphone to call Carol to see if she could order his gram stain now. Carol hangs up on him while Dave laughs.

Dave and Cleo help Carol relax when she stumbles at the desk.

Dave's blood-type is A positive.



The Peace of Wild Things (Nov. 11, 1999)

Dave is treating an elderly woman and he doesn't know what is wrong with her. Haleh who is taking notes for him tells him to check the ronchi. Dave does and figures out that the woman has pneumonia. Haleh tells Dave that "not much gets by him".

Dave is doing some tests with a Bunsen burner. Lucy walks in and sees him. Dave tells her about his case with the elderly lady and how he was able to tell she had pneumonia. Lucy tells Dave that he left the burner on, but Dave ignores her warning. Dave continues about his case, when Lucy says that Haleh told her the real story.

Afterwards, an explosion occurs in the ER and the cause is attributed to a Bunsen burner that was left on. Dr. Finch admits that she was using a burner earlier, but that she was sure she turned it off. Lucy tells Dave that he should 'fess up that he was the last one to use the burner, but he insists that he turned the burner off.

Dr. Lawrence and Dave work on a patient with a stab wound. Kerry is beginning to worry about Dr. Lawrence's mental state and goes to check up on him. She sees that he is working confidently with Dave and leaves them alone.

Upon hearing that Cleo could be fired for it, Lucy again tries to convince Dave that he was using the Bunsen burner after Cleo. He's a little hesitant, but Dave finally admits it to Kerry and she tells him that the fire department attributed the explosion to a faulty pipe. Dave concludes to Kerry that "I guess it wasn't me then."



Truth and Consequences (Nov. 4, 1999)

Dave rides his bike to work and runs into Mark on the way. Him and Mark exchange some casual conversation. Dave then asks Mark if he knows why Dr. Weaver has a cane. Mark says he doesn't. When Dave gets to the ER, he parks his bike in the staff lounge. Kerry tells Dave to get it out of there and before Dave can, a crossing guard has taken it and crashes it into a cart.

Dave  continues to inquire about Kerry's leg.  He asks Dr. Lawrence as he was Kerry's teacher. He didn't know either. Randi says Dave should try Carter since he lived with Kerry. Dave asks Carter if he knew, and Carter says no, adding that Kerry was his landlady. 

Dave treats a girl whose face was burned in a science explosion at school. She is worried that her face and hair will not recover. Dave makes a futile attempt to console her and asks Lucy to help him explain things to the girl. Lucy manages to calm the girl down and Dave admires the way Lucy is able to handle patients.

Finally, Kerry confronts Dave asking him if he was inquiring about her leg. Dave answers that he wasn't and that she must have mixed it up with an ankle injury he had. Kerry tells him that if he wants to know, he should just ask, but Dave relents saying that it probably isn't any of his business.



Sins of the Father (Oct. 21, 1999)

Dave and Dr. Benton are looking at a man with appendicitis. Peter says he can't perform the surgery and Dave makes a comment that him and Peter are both about "guts and the glory". Peter tells Dave to back off.

Next, Dr. Greene and Dave treat a man who attempted suicide by hanging. Dave makes the remark that that will give a nasty rope burn. Mark allowed Dave to do a tricky intubation procedure that involves the use of a fibre-optic tool. Dr. Lawrence enters and Mark tells him that the man was denied oxygen for too long and that there may be problems with his neuro system later on. Dave pipes and says that the man was blue for too long and that they are looking at a "veggie burger". The doctors then notice girlfriend of the man by the door and Dr. Lawrence chides Dave's rudeness by saying that every patient is someone's father, boyfriend, etc. Dave says that he did not see her.     

Next, Dave flips Carter to tread a patient with a head trauma as a result of a failed parachute. Dave wins the toss. Dave wants to help Carter and Lucy out with their patient but Mark tells Dave to accompany the head trauma patient to C.T. Dave says that the x-rays show that the patient will not make a recovery. Mark advises Dave to call the man's family and Dave calls the wife. He tells her to come to see her husband at the hospital, but she is unable to make it and dictates a message to Dave to read to her husband. He takes it down on the bottom of a Kleenex box. However, when Dave goes to deliver the message, the man is already dead. Dave throws away the tissue box, but eventually returns to read the man the message because the wife said some nice things.



Greene With Envy (Oct. 14, 1999)

Dave gets off an elevator and wonders why he doesn't see anybody. The reason is because a shooting has just taken place between a security guard and a gangbanger in the ER. Dave walks into the hall, shaking what looks like Tic-Tacs, and is clueless about the shooting. The security guard becomes wounded and Dr. Dave sutures up the cut on the security guard's hand.

A 17-year-old is brought in with a gunshot wound and Dave gives him a central line. Dr. Greene and Dr. Lawrence put a chest tube into the boy, and Dave tells Mark that blood is coming from his side. Dr. Lawrence quickly does something and tell them that it is an "army trick". Dave replies "cool."


Last Rites (Oct. 7, 1999)

This is Dave's first episode. He is a second-year resident. Dave treats a gothic boy who got into a fight at school and tore his lip. Carter questions Dave about a scar the boy has, and says that he should call plastics, but Dave says that the scar was there from a previous incident. Lucy asks Dave how much oxygen she should decrease for another patient. Dave says if he turns blue, then turn the oxygen back up.

Dave calls Dr. Finch "Jackie Joyner" and tell her she has nice spandex. Dr. Finch tell Dave to get a life and Dave says to Carter "she's hot for me." Carter laughs.

Carol Hathaway asks Dave to sign for some morphine for a patient and Dave does so. Carol asks if Dave wants to see the patient and he says he trusts her. Later, Dave tells Carol that the patient needs a nurse and hands her the medical chart. Dave taps Luka on the shoulder and says "Hey, how's it going?"

Dave is outside when a construction worker tells him that there was an accident at a site a couple of blocks down. Dave takes the medical equipment from an unattended ambulance and Carter follows. A construction worker is trapped and Carter needs to intubate him, but he can't see, so Dave acts as his eyes and tells him what he is doing.

When Dave and Carter return, Dr. Benton and Dr. Weaver handle the patient. Dr. Weaver learns that Dave and Carter were in the field. The paramedics then confront the two doctors, telling Dave and Carter that they shouldn't have taken their equipment in case their was an emergency they needed to go to. Dr. Weaver further reprimands the two telling Carter that he should have known better. Carter walks away saying "thanks" to Dave in a sarcastic tone.

Carol asks Lucy if she has seen Dave, and Lucy replies, "Try the Coast Guard. Maybe he's off doing search and rescue."