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Dave's in the E.R.

Season 7 episode summaries.

Mars Attacks (October 26)

Dave sees Carter, who has just returned to the hospital, and greets him. Dave asks if Carter missed him and Carter asks about Dave's hair (which is not just highlighted, it is completely blonde). Dave doesn't answer but excitedly tells Carter that Kerry is training him on the sternal saw today and that he hopes for a G.S.W. to come in. Carter says he will keep his fingers crossed for him.

While Mark and Jing-Mei are discussing a patient, Dave is yelling on the phone in the foreground. When Dave yells a little too loud, Mark asks him what the problem is. Dave is explaining to Elizabeth that his patient is showing classic signs of appendicitis but she won't come down to consult. Mark hangs up the phone and tells Dave to follow him.

Upstairs on the O.R. floor, Mark and Liz are arguing over Dave's appy patient. Mark says that she should go and take a look as the appendix has probably ruptured by now. Liz says that Dave didn't give her a good enough story to have her consult, but Dave says he did. Dave and Mark begin to wheel a large trolley covered by a white sheet into the elevator. Elizabeth suddenly pulls off the sheet revealing a trolley full of O.R. equipment. Dave immediately runs in front of the trolley planting himself in front of Corday in a protective stance. Liz says that the equipment belongs in the O.R. and Mark says that the surgeons can come and get it after they have used it in the E.R.

Jing-Mei passes in front of the administration desk and Dave gives her a fiber-optic laryngoscope (the one that him and Mark stole from the O.R.) Jing asks where he got it from and Dave says it better that she not know. Dave helps her put the laryngoscope away and he asks Jing if she has picked out a name for her baby yet. He wonders if she will go with something Chinese or more Western. Jing tells Dave that she hasn't given it much thought and is brought away from the conversation with Dave when Carter asks her to prescribe something for his patient. Carter then asks her about her baby and how many weeks pregnant she is. Dave watches the two carefully in the background.

Dave sees Abby passing by and tells her that his patients (three Japanese men who are throwing up in the background) needs a shot and an I.V. He also tells Abby to get some buckets from housekeeping as the patients went to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Carter is at the board looking for patients and Mark hands him a simple case. Mark tells Carter that there are no small patients and Dave walks by and says, "what about dwarves?" Dave then asks Carter how long Carter has known Jing-Mei and Carter says he knew her before she was Jing-Mei. Dave asks if Carter knows who got her pregnant and Carter says that even if he knew, he wouldn't tell Dave. Dave then asks Carter if him and Jing-Mei have been "knocking it up" (he implies this by clicking his tongue and knocking on air). Carter walks away and Dave points after him smiling "yeah..."

Kerry and Jing-Mei are talking about a patient who thinks he will spontaneously combust into flames. In trying to prevent that, he has wet the floor of the exam room. Dave suddenly bursts in through the door of the exam room, yelling "Chief..." but doesn't finish as he wipes out on the slippery floor and takes a nose dive. Kerry asks if Dave is okay and he says he is, but that there is a multiple trauma coming in as a walkway collapsed at a sci-fi convention.

The doctors are handling a flood of patients coming in from the ambulances and Dave asks Liz what he can do. She tells him to triage the patients. Dave looks at a woman with painted green skin who is having an asthma attack. He takes care of her. Dave comments that with all the sci-fi patients it seems like it's Mars attacks in the E.R. Another patient in costume comes in with hip pain and Dave attempts to cut off the guy's costume. The patient stops him and tells him there is a zipper at the back. Dave tells the paramedic to unzip Zantar and to call him when he's done.

Carter is attending a boy in an exam room. The boy has made a paper airplane for Carter and the boy tests it out. The plane sails out the door and hits a passing Kerry in the back of the head. Kerry turns around and spots Dave and tells him to grow up. A perplexed Dave says that he didn't do anything and Kerry says he has patients to attend to.

Dave and Jing-Mei look after a patient who needs his jaw reset. Dave watches as the patient goes out under the anesthesia. While Jing sets the patient's jaw, Dave asks who the father of her baby is. He says that everyone is curious. Jing retorts that it's none of anyone's business. Dave says he just wants to know who the lucky guy is, and then asks her if she even knows who the father is. Jing gives him a bad look and Dave apologizes, saying that he can't help himself sometimes. He tells Jing that she looks sexy pregnant. Jing begins to leave the room and Dave says that someone has to baby-sit the patient until he wakes up from the anesthesia. Jing tells Dave that that is his job.

Dave rubs off another patient from the board and comments to himself: Dr. Dave 14, Death 0. Kerry passes by and compliments him on the triage job. Dave muses that he can't believe not one penetrating chest trauma came in today (and that he didn't get to practice the sternal saw).

Kerry and the pysch consult are looking for the patient who thinks he will spontaneously combust. He has locked himself in the bathroom and will not come out because he says he is on fire and he needs wet blankets. Dave passes by and Kerry gets him to help. Dave knocks on the door and asks the patient to come out. When the door opens, the patient comes out in flames. Dave ducks away and Kerry gets a fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Dave helps by throwing a blanket over the man as well.

Later, Dave and Frank, the desk clerk, discuss the fire patient. Carter passes by and Dave asks him if he ever saw a person spontaneously combust. Carter says that there is no such thing and Dave says that he saw one today. There was no lighter, no match, nothing. Frank recounts a missing person's case he once handled as a cop where a similar thing happened to a woman, who died of a fire but the chair she was sitting in was not even singed.


Sand and Water (October 19, 2000)

Abby is in a trauma room and Dave asks her to clear it because they have multiple MVA's coming in and they need all the rooms available. Abby tells him that this room is off limits as there is a father who is trying to spend his time with his premature baby before he dies. Dave says that this is a trauma room and Abby says it's not available.

Romano sees Dave and calls him Malatucci. Dave corrects him with Malucci and Romano asks if he has seen the OIG - Deputy Inspector General - around. Dave asks if she is a short, battleaxe woman with no sense of humour and Romano confirms. Dave tell him that she is in curtain two.


Homecoming (October 12, 2000)

Kerry asks why Dave's patient is still out missing and Dave said he staged sympathy sickness for janitor support (who are on strike). Dave tells Kerry to give the janitors a raise and Kerry retorts that she will recommend Dave for the negotiating committee.

Later on, Mark is talking to a new group of medical students and Dave approaches Mark and asks him, "What is wrong with the Australian boys? You're scratching down under." (Mark was scratching his groin area. It turns out that Mark has a rash there because Lizzie touched him after touching poison ivy)

Mike Palmieri, a football player, comes in wounded and Dave and Mark go to attend him. Mark tells Dave that he has the case and that Dave should give the med students a tour of the E.R. 

Dave stops at a trauma room during the tour and sees Luka and Abby working on a woman. Dave sees her and comments that the woman is dead, "like blue dead". Malik says that the pulse ox is down to 65 and Dave says once again that it is because the woman is dead. Luka and Abby are pretending to save the woman for the sake of her husband who is watching outside. Dave says that while they are pretending, can one of the med students practice CPR and Luka says no. He tells Dave to go and prepare the husband for his wife's death and Dave says, "I can act with the best of them" and heads out to break the news.

Later, Dave sees Mark again and asks how his "jock itch" is. Mark comments that Dave is supposed to be supervising the med students and Dave already said he has given them the tour. Mark tells him to go and show them the chart system and Dave complains that he is already juggling eight patients. Mark tells Dave to have the students help him. Dave explains the chart system to the med students.

Again, Mark asks Dave to tend to the med students and after he leaves, Dave walks over to Cleo and tells her that it is her turn to take care of the med students. Cleo asks on who's orders and Dave says Mark. Cleo says that Mark can ask her personally if that is what he wants her to do and walks away.

Dave wheels in a cheerleader who was choked in the bathroom during a homecoming game between two high schools.

Luka and Abby are working on the husband who has killed himself over his wife's death. The husband has died. Dave comes in and asks if he can use the trauma room as they have a stab wound to the thigh coming in.

A riot has broken out at the homecoming football game and E.R. is flooded with patients. Dave carries in a wounded cheerleader. The riot later break out in the E.R. between rival football players and Dave tries to break it up and gets pushed onto the floor. Dave and Kerry try to break up the fight in the E.R. but it spreads and the E.R. gets damaged.