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Erik's Films (Found them all again!)

Road Kill Official Site

Road Kill Production Site

This Space Between Us

The Week That Girl Died

Article on Love and Marriage (TV Show)

DiResta Official Site

Information on U-571 (click on films under "U")

U-571 (official movie site)



Erik's Biographies

Erik Palladino filmography on IMDB

Erik Palladino - Paramount Press Release

Erik Palladino - NBC / ER biography


Mailing Lists

Erik Palladino_ER_etc.


Erik Palladino Central (discussion club)

Dr. Dave Fans (discussion club)

Erik Palladino Fan Club (discussion club)

Fan Sites

Simply Erik

Erik Online

Erik Palladino

Dr. Dave Newsletter

Erik's band

County General E.R.

Ceindreadh's Fan Fiction Page

Erik Palladino Lovers (discussion club)