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Fan Fiction

Back to Grenada, Part 1 by Brittany Gulker
Back to Grenada: I Knew I Loved You, Part 2 by Brittany Gulker
Dave meets a familiar women who brings back memories of the past.

Something to Talk About, Part 1 by Bethany
Something to Talk About, Part 2 by Bethany
Something to Talk About, Part 3 by Bethany
Something to Talk About, Part 4 by Bethany
Something to Talk About, Part 5 by Bethany
Something to Talk About, Part 6 by Bethany

Dave and Jing-Mei (Deb) start a relationship that leads to something unexpected.

Melted Ice Cream by Ricki
Dave spends a day with his daughter Page.

Brain Death, Part 1 by Molly
Dave gets in an accident and decides to find his birth parents.

Secret Love by Jane
Dr. Carter secretly is gay and he is in love with Dr. Dave (who isn't).  He corners him in the suture room, but luckily for Dave a mysterious Irish girl saves the day.

Short Lived Happiness, Part 1 By Andrea
Dave helps Lucy escape her abusive boyfriend

Luck of the Irish By Li
It's St. Patrick's Day and Dave hopes that some Irish luck is on a baby's side.

Welcome to the ER, Part 1 by Kirsty
Dave meets Carrie Corday, Elizabeth's cousin.

Malucci and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day by Li
Dave has the worst day.

Untitled by Rachel
Dave spends time with his sister, Emily.

The Weak Link, Part 1 by Alyssa Santos
The Weak Link, Part 2 
The Weak Link, Part 3
The Weak Link, Part 4
The Weak Link, Part 5
The Weak Link, Part 6
The Weak Link, Part 7 
Dave gets down in the dumps and the rest of the ER staff try to piece him back together (literally).

Get Back, Part 1 by Alyssa Santos 
Get Back, Part 2
Dave tries to get his life back together.  It's a continuation of The Weak Link.

This is a story of Dave got his revenge on piggy (that's Corday to you and I)

The Good (Davey Boy), The Bad (Doug) and the Extremely Ugly (Carter) By Graceyjane
Doug returns to the E.R. to a frosty reception, and it ain't the Chicago weather....

It's All Coming Back to Me Now by Christi (not the webmaster - I can't write for beans!)
Dave and "a friend" get into a car accident. With the help of the E.R., they both survive.